Back, but I never really left

<Updated 1:05pm, April 22, 2007>

I’m going to be very frank here.

I don’t know WHAT the hell happened. I’m sorry for the break in publishing, but something unusual and quite frightening happened, which I’ll describe in greater detail as soon as it makes sense (to me, at least). Suffice it to say the past month has been pretty crazy, with no small amount of drama, and even a little "official" involvement, if you know what I mean.

In short, I went to bed on March 8, 2007, had a pretty good night’s sleep (thanks to a nighttime cold medicine – I had come down with the crap that’s making its rounds) and woke up on what I thought was March 9, 2007.

I was wrong. It was March 25, and my being there, in bed in the same pajama bottoms I had retired in, was quite a surprise, since I hadn’t been seen in 16 days.

<Update – April 22, 2007>

Well, as Ricky Ricardo might say, I had lots of ‘splain’ to do.

My wife has been really, really patient with all of this stuff, alternately thinking I’m pulling a fast one, and then blaming it on the car crash and subsequent medical issues, from which I’m happy to say I’m now completely recovered. Again, I don’t know what the hell happened, but here’s what we know:

  • I have absolutely no memory of anything but going to bed on a Thursday night, and waking up the next morning (well, the next morning from MY perspective). In fact, I woke up on March 25, and from everyone else’s perspective, I had been gone for 16 days. It was pretty clear that something was wrong when my wife woke me up (rather loudly) at 5am when she saw me sleeping next to her in our bed
  • There was absolutely nothing that my wife could tell was missing for those 16 days with the exception of me and the pajama bottoms I often wore to bed. On the morning of the 9th and thereafter, EVERYTHING I normally carried with me, and all my clothes were where I had left them when I went to bed on the 8th. My car never moved.
  • Our alarm system didn’t record anyone coming or going the night the of the 8th or the night/morning of the 25th. It seems I vanished and then reappeared, with no memory of it myself.
  • Shortly after returning, I had a full MRI of my brain and spine and there was nothing unexpected in the results of the test.

I have a couple ideas, but I’m not willing to share them yet. More when I am.


  1. well, the things you described are called alter-vues, even if you donĀ“t realize, there are timelines around there, and when you get information from the future,or past you must get the wave ripple effect (like when a drop of water hit the surface of a container), then the decisions or persons in the specific timelines will change, according to the decisions takens….more here:

    a similar phenomena, but with 6 months gap:

    Best Regards
    LG Tech 2T 2012
    The Anunaki, Enki, Atlantean S-M or Lumerian L-M Starship parked on the moon?

  2. I want to believe you, but you are leaving no back trail that I can follow and verify.i know of Ben Davis High school. They won no state championship at the time period you would have attended there, You would have played with the purdue great Joe Berry carrol. Yet you are not on that teams roster. Unless of course you are using some other name. interesting story though.

    1. Absolutely right. They DIDN’T win a state title, because the story in the side of Rich’s blog is the story of his trip to an alternate timeline. If you believe that story, in that timeline, they did win the title, apparently, and he did play for Purdue. In this one, however, things didn’t work out as well…Or better, if you think about. Thank you for reading.

  3. I have been following this blog from the beginning. It is such an interesting tale. The web site says that it is fictional, yet the stories and explanations seem so real. If anything, where has richard gone? What happens to Tammy? She ends up upset and confused and that is where it ends with her? Rich did you find Tammy? Did you make it back to Molly and Samantha? Finish the book and perhaps you can write a sequal. You have a wonderful wonderful facinating mind. And I love the way you write. I want to know if you ever made it back to the accident when you got hit with the Hummer? Thelma had two lives and chose to live with out the kids the second time, why did you chose to go back to Molly? Did you indeed leave Tammy in the dark ? and the kids? So now you have three kids? Do you see them when you’re seventy and came back to Molly? Please Rich finish the story!!!! I’m hanging on here…it’s such a good tale. Makes me wonder how I can time travel….

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