Small Town Fireworks

FireworksRural America rocks, and is the USA’s future! I’ve spent the vast majority of my time either in a huge city, or spots so remote there’s virtually no civilization. While I build Rich’s house, I’m for the first time, living in a place that’s somewhere in the middle. Small town America is very cool.

The fireworks at a nearby lake were awesome. Met a bunch of very friendly people. Getting up early this morning, smiling at the great time I had, I’m really thinking of selling everything in Dallas and building my own house nearby. We’ll see if that feeling stays once I’ve finished Rich’s house. If so, I think I’ll do it!

Back to work today. Time is running short. Rich will be in San Diego, from 1952 in about a week and a half. He’ll show up here from 1935 in about 6 weeks. On schedule, but still need to keep the push on to get this place done and ready for his visit. How often do you get a visitor from 74 years in the past?

I know, I know. You need a timeline. So do I. The final product of this project will include one, I promise!  🙂